About NoitaSpin

What is NoitaSpin ?

NoitaSpin is an NMR spectroscopy visualisation (and to some degree, a processing) program. NoitaSpin is (at the moment) mainly useful for visualizing spectra in BrukerTM format on PCs running the Linux or Windows operating systems.

What is NMR spectroscopy ?

NMR spectroscopy uses the NMR phenomenon to obtain information about the atom and the molecule that it usually is part of. It is a chemical instrumentation technique.

What is NMR ?

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance): certain atomic nuclei, when in an external magnetic field, will absorb and re-emit electromagnetic radiation. The frequnecy is typically between 50 and 1000 MHz (radio waves).

More details about NoitaSpin

There are two versions of NoitaSpin available: a freeware version, available at no cost, and a full version that is available commercially. Both versions are closed source.

NoitaSpin accepts spectra in Bruker XWIN-NMRTM format, in a folder structure similar to that generated by Bruker software. The software can work directly on the Bruker folder structure, and will not change Bruker files. Instead (for the full version of this software) NoitaSpin-related info will be written into NoitaSpin specific directories within the folder structure.

Download NoitaSpin.

Check NoitaSpin documentation (also contains installation info).

A few NoitaSpin screenshots.