Tietonoita is a small two person business specializing in Linux system management
(for organizations, small businesses and homes, with backup systems and archiving,
also data recovery from broken HW), software engineering (Python, Cython,
C, Qt, OpenGL, PIL, various assemblers, simple web development), hardware (embedded
processor based applications, HW and SW, Raspberry Pi, discrete logic, A/D, D/A,
SPI, I2C) and chemistry (synthetic and analytical organic chemistry, polymer
chemistry, NMR software).

We can work by the hour, or, provided that the project is well-defined (or can be broken
down into well defined sub-projects), also project-based. We are active in the Turku area
in Finland.

Check out our NMR visualization (and processing) software, NoitaSpin!
More about NoitaSpin.